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Anzac DayPhotos from various Anzac day parades and ceremonies that I have attended.
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On the early morning of Sunday the 25th April 1915, soldiers of the Australian New Zealand Army Corps -- ANZACs landed on Turkey's Gallipoli Peninsula at a location that would become known as Anzac Cove. British troops landed at the peninsula's southern tip along with other troops from within the British Empire/Commonwealth and France with the ultimate objective of securing the Dardanelles Strait, thus leaving the way clear for the British Navy to assault Constantinople or modern day Istanbul, knocking Germany's Turkish ally out of the war. However, due to terrible planning, old inaccurate French maps from the 1860s and gross underestimation of the Turks by the British top brass, the operation was a disaster with its only success being the remarkably concealed and well executed withdrawal of 80,000 Allied troops just under eight months later. From this disaster however was formed the ANZAC legend, with many of the Gallipoli Anzacs covering themselves in glory later on at the Western Front in France such as the critical battle on yes, ANZAC day, 1918 in the French village of Villers Bretonneaux, which played such a pivotal role in breaking the dreaded trench stalemate of the Western Front. Throughout the country there were major ceremonies to commemorate this event, along with dawn ceremonies on Anzac Cove in Gallipoli and Villers Bretonneaux in France. In Brisbane, I attended my first ANZAC Dawn service at 4:28am and stayed on for the street parade which commenced just after 9:30am, lasting almost three hours which I was able to photograph from a street overpass traversing Adelaide Street. However, after the Dawn service, and waiting in line, I climbed the Shrine of Remembrance with its Eternal Flame and references to the battles of WWI that the Aussie Diggers fought in such as the aforementioned Villers Bretonneaux in France and Jerusalem and Damascus in the Middle East and the Hindenburg Line which was Germany's famous last fortress or line of defence which the Diggers participated in breaching in 1918. For me, a monumentally moving day that will forever live on in my consciousness. Their memory liveth for eternity, and thus, the dead diggers of Gallipoli, will never be forgotten.

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EuropePhotos of my visits to Europe
Europe 2014Photos from our trip to Europe in 2014
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Western Europe 2004In August 2004, on my first ever visit to Europe, I arrived in Cologne Germany where I was picked up by my Dad's cousin Edmund for a two week stay in and around Geilenkirchen, about 60Km west as the crow flies from Cologne. Geilenkirchen is less than 10Km east of the Dutch border and less than 30Km north of the Belgian border, so on this two week visit I got to visit three countries, sometimes even on the same day, including the "Dreilandenpunkt" or "Three lands point" of Germany, Holland and Belgium. Then in early September 2004, I arrived in Poland on the Berlin-Warsaw Express Train, for a ten month stint teaching English in the country of my ancestors. A wonderful experience from which I made friends for life.
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Poland 2004-2005This is where I spent the bulk of my stay in Europe in 2004/2005. To live and work in the country of my ancestors was a most wonderful and rewarding experience. I spent time equally with other foreign teachers as well as Polish people which enriched my experience no end, and has left me with wonderful and indelible memories. While my home base of Radom, just 90Km south of Warsaw, seemed at times to have an image problem, I can never really denigrate the town. I had an amazing social life there, and despite the 30% unemployment, the fact that I was a native English speaker, meant that in this town of 300 000, with its 36 language schools, I never had trouble finding work, unlike in Australia. The great irony is that while my grandparents left Poland in September 1924 for Germany, due to lack of work in Poland, almost eighty years to the day, on the Berlin-Warsaw Express I crossed the same border in the opposite direction due to my inability to find MEANINGFUL FULL-TIME PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT in Australia.
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Polish Holiday 2008This is the Polish leg of our Holiday 2008, from mid May to just before mid June 2008. A wonderful re-visit of my Polish roots. Starting with Gdansk, in Poland's north on the Baltic Sea, we gradually covered Poland to its southern extremity at the beautiful mountain town of Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains on the Slovakian border.
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Gold Coast HinterlandAlbums from my bush walking and visits to the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland just inland from the Gold Coast. This region is only a couple of hours drive south of Brisbane, and its southern extremity straddles the New South Wales/Queensland state border where, from the Border Track you are afforded magnificent views looking south atop 600 metre high cliff faces. A world treasure.
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Photos from our first wedding anniversary. We spent it in the beautiful Numinbah Valley in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the New South Wales/Queensland border. The place with the waterfall falling into a cave is known as "Natural Bridge". When we got there I felt a sense of deja vu as I remembered the place from a visit there in April 1986

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Photos from our time at Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland---not far from Natural Bridge in the Numinbah Valley. The first photos are taken from the Numinbah Valley with some of me swimming in the waterfall at Natural Bridge. Near the end are photos taken at the "Polish Place Cafe" at Mount Tamborine. The Lorikeets as you can see are very bold and daring with a very partial taste for cream and sugar.

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Beautiful Binna Burra high up in the Gold Coast Hinterland has 160 Kilometres of walking tracks, some of which stretch to the New South Wales border. This day myself and my mate Adrian from Taiwan walked along the Border track and the Coomera Circuit trail, which follows the Coomera River almost to it's source. It was a beautiful walk, something almost out of a fairy tale, the ultimate highlight being the spectacular Coomera Falls and neighbouring Yarrabilgong Falls where we stopped for lunch. Coomera Falls evoked memories for me of Taroko Gorge in Taiwan and of Zakopane in Poland's Tatra Mountains.

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Fifteen days after my bush walk with Adrian to the beautiful Coomera Falls, which partly involved trekking along the Border Track, this time I did my entire walk, namely a 30Km walk from Binna Burra to Wanungara Lookout and back to Binna Burra along the Border Track. Wanungara Lookout is actually just inside New South Wales (NSW), although the only possible way I see to get to it is from the Queensland side of the state border, as getting to it from within NSW would involve scaling a 500 metre or so high cliff which basically marks the state border. Most of the Border Track follows this huge cliff face, and I stopped several times at various lookouts, including Mount Merino for lunch for spectacular views looking south into NSW, with Mount Warning 15Km away in the distance being most prominent. While having lunch, I was only two metres or so from the cliff face, but this offered me magnificent photo opportunities and time to take in and reflect on the awe inspiring panorama of this World Heritage area, on this beautiful early spring day.

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Far North Coast of New South WalesThe beautiful Far North Coast of New South Wales adjoins the Gold Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland to the south. From the Border Track on the southern edge of the Gold Coast Hinterland you have magnificent views to the south over the Queensland/New South Wales border of the beautiful Tweed River Valley, the soil of which has been enriched by the volcanic eruptions of the magnificent Mount Warning, an extinct shield volcano for the past 23 million years. Mount Warning, also known to the Aboriginals as Wollumbin (Cloud Catcher), is the world's largest and oldest extinct volcano, standing at an elevation of about 1200 metres above sea level. At the time of its last eruption 23 million years ago, it was about twice its present height.
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On this day I was all psyched up to climb the great Aussie mountain where Australia's day starts. That is, it's peak is the first point on the Aussie mainland which sees the sun rise. So at that moment the peak is in daylight while all around it is still in darkness. Later on I plan to view this great spectacle. However on this day to my great disappointment, I along with every other climber was denied access because they were flying a helicopter around the mountain for maintenance of some of the steps up the track. Mount Warning is in the Tweed Valley of Northern New South Wales just south of the Queensland border and about a 150 Km drive south of Brisbane's city centre.

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Seven weeks later I finally got to climb the WORLD'S LARGEST AND OLDEST EXTINCT VOLCANO--MOUNT WARNING which last erupted about 23 million years ago. I started the 4 and a half kilometre walk up the mountain at 9:45 and got to the top 2 hours later. I took my time taking photos on the way up, and near the end was a steep rock climb where you used a chain to assist you on the way up. You need to be fairly fit and prepared with proper footwear, water and food, as well as starting early enough, but I still saw some silly people on my way back down at about 2:30 climbing up in just shorts and thongs, which will be ripped apart when you get to the chain assisted rock climb. You will see photos of signs warning people not to start the climb too late as people have got lost in the dark, but people still disregard the warnings. However, it is a great climb and a fantastic view at the top.

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Mt Warning again, but this time I climbed up with my best mate's son, Simon. It was a beautiful day, but on the climb up it won't seem that way because the mountain on that day lived up to it's aboriginal name of Wollumbin--"Cloud Catcher". A huge cloud encompassed the entire peak and the track was damp and in patches very muddy. When we first got to the top you could see no view, but gradually the cloud cleared to a degree to allow shots to be taken

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I arrived at the car park at Mt Warning at 03:00am, and arrived at the summit about 04:45, half an hour or so before first light. It was a pleasant temperature at the car park, but when I arrived at the summit it was freezing!!! As the sun rose, it gradually warmed up. The idea apart from seeing the brilliant sunrise, was to get a glimpse of the peak of Mt Warning being bathed in sunlight, while it's surrounds were still in darkness---Mt Warning being where Australia's day starts. That effect was not as pronounced as I expected, but the sunrise was more than brilliant enough to make the early early morning trip and it's freezing cold more than worthwhile.

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TaiwanPhotos of my visits to Taiwan
Taiwan first trip 2003My first time in Taiwan
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Taiwanese Holiday 2008From late April to mid June 2008 Sonia and I embarked on a magnificent seven week holiday to Taiwan and then Poland. These albums cover the Taiwanese leg of our holiday 2008.
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Taiwanese Holiday 2012Photos from our trip to Taiwan in April 2012
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Farm and Nambucca ValleyMy Dad's old farm is situated in the beautiful Nambucca Valley, halfway between Sydney and Brisbane on the New South Wales mid North Coast. The Nambucca Valley and its surrounding regions have some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, none perhaps more so than at Nambucca Heads at the mouth of the Nambucca River. My wife and I were married in 2005 in Macksville in the Nambucca Valley, and we had our reception at the Nambucca River Island Golf Club in Nambucca Heads. Macksville is also where I attended high school from the mid to late 70s.
FarmPhotos of my Dad's old farm
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Rest of the Nambucca ValleyRest of the Nambucca Valley and surrounding area
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BrisbanePhotos of the Brisbane Metropolitan Area. One album is taken from a whole day cruise on the City Cat along the Brisbane River. A wonderful showcase of this beautiful city.
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Photos taken from the Brisbane City Catamaran (City Cat). This travels up and down the Brisbane River. My wife and I had a pleasant two hour cruise and I think it is time that I finally show some photos of Brisbane where I have mostly lived since early 1995.

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Sunshine Coast and surroundsThe beautiful Sunshine Coast and its surrounds just two hours drive or less north of Brisbane. Places such as Bribie Island, Donnybrook and Redcliffe are included, although not technically part of the Sunshine Coast, are on the fringe between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. In the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are the beautiful and imposing Glass House Mountains.
Sunshine Coast properSunshine Coast proper
Sunshine Coast surrounding areasNearby areas of the Sunshine Coast
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Sydney HarbourPhotos of Sydney Harbour, the most beautiful harbour in the world.
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Photos from my day out in early Aug 2004 at the Polish consulate and Sydney Harbour just before I head off for Europe. Other consulates were on this street in the very expensive suburb of Woollahra. People with me are my future wife Sonia and my Uncle Michael.

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Perth Easter 2013Photos of our trip to Perth and surrounds including Rottnest Island in and around Easter 2013
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Perth and South West Western Australia in early spring 2015Perth and the South West of Western Australia come alive in Spring with beautiful wildflowers, many of which are endemic to the region
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FREEDOM RALLIESThis category is devoted to the Freedom Rallies I attended in Brisbane Queensland Australia from Saturday November 20th 2021 in protest against the Marxist-like pseudo-vaccine coercions (PVCs) being imposed upon the people by the tyrannical Queensland government under Anastasia Palaszczuk.

My second was attended on Saturday 18th December 2021--the day after the implementation of the pseudo-vaccine apartheid (PVA) the day before. This means that Queenslanders can no longer enter cinemas, pubs, clubs etc upon the erroneous assumption of impeccable safety and efficacy of what are in truth; prodigiously leaky pseudo-vaccines, of which the efficacy wanes dramatically after just a few months. Not to mention the fact that in the past, vaccines on average were only approved after two decades of testing, while these were approved in less than a year. Not surprisingly, by the end of November 2021, over 19,000 adverse reactions globally have already been reported on the VAERS database of the ultra corrupt American Center for Disease Control. See (

Among the pseudo-vaccine horror stories is one of a friend of mine in Brisbane, who soon after the second jab, was hospitalised for seven weeks due to his sudden inability to walk, talk and swallow. Moreover, the crime of injecting children with the pseudo-vaccines when, given the extremely low mortality rate of that age group to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, means they are more likely to die from the pseudo-vaccines, driven by the globalist agenda of big-pharma, than from the CCP virus itself. See
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Photos from my second Freedom Rally held in Musgrave Park South Brisbane Queensland Australia. At around 3pm, there was a tiny COMMO march down the street south of Musgrave. Unlike the COMMO on November 20th, who was strangely anti-VAX, these commos, consistent with the stance of the vast majority of commos globally, were pro-VAX. They numbered only around 40, which paled into insignificance with the tens of thousands of Freedom people inside the park. Many were from the ultra-left Socialist Alliance, but one was dressed in black garb and mask typical of the radical left-anarchist Antifa, which had its origins in mid-1932 in the chaos of the violent and crumbling German Weimar Republic as the paramilitary for the German Communist Party --- beholden to Moscow. Needless to say, they were just as violent and thuggish as Hitler's/Ernst Rohm's Brown Shirt Storm Troopers.

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Freedom Rally November 20th


On Saturday November 20th 2021 I attended my first freedom rally in protest at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens in protest against what are officially termed the nationwide vaccine mandates, but in reality are pseudo-vaccine coercions (PVCs), sanctioned upon a perceived global pandemic emergency, violating every fundamental right that are the very cornerstones of our Constitutional Monarchy, enshrined in our constitution. I record my impressions on my BLOG on my new website for my book at

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My wedding to my lovely wife Sonia who I met in Taiwan. The wedding was in Macksville, where I went to high school, while the reception was in Nambucca Heads. Both these towns are on the New South Wales North Coast just north my father's farm.

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